Faq and Help


  • What´s Moomic.com?

    Moomic.com is a contacts social network to meet people and friends where you will be able to meet new people, interacting with them, chatting, uploading your pictures and sharing life moments.

    Remember that your posted content and your behavior in our community must conform to our basic principles and not violate any copyright. See also sections: Legal Notice and Terms and Privacy Policy for further information.

    Any infraction of these terms implies your profile elimination.

Basic principles

  • What can I do in Moomic.com?

    You will be able to meet new people and new friends. A funny way where joy is guaranteed… visit our members and make new friends.

    Upload your real Pictures. You must be on your main profile picture.
    We remind you that you can make three different albums ( public; for friends only and private with password). In case you want to upload a high sexual content picture, you must do it in a private album with password, otherwise it will be removed. The quality control department check out the pictures with a daily frecuency.

    Enjoy with respect:
    We take care about bad behaviour and practices. Thats why we´ve an exclusive department to sort out this kind of incidences. Besides there is an option to denounce in every profile in case of innadecuate behaviour or lack of respect. Our main worry and value lies in respect towards everybody
  • What isn´t allowed to do?

    Do not upload pictures if you don´t have the copyrights, it does exist copyright
    Do not upload any fake picture pretending you are the one on the picture.
    Do not upload high sexual content either in the public or friends album.
    Do not upload any children picture. We do not allow children pictures (even if you´re that boy.)
    Not are allowed pictures which offend the integrity or people beliefs.

    Inappropriate behavior and or lack of respect:
    The great value of our community is respect towards others. Sometimes people behave in an inappropriate way and differently than in real life when they are behind a computer. You must maintain respect towards the users.
    Speak with respect and without insults. If someone insults you or presents a bad behaviour towards you can block him/her and besides to denounce the profile. From that moment we will take appropriate measures.
    We do not allow advertising messages.
    Fake Profiles: Moomic.com makes all the efforts so that every profile is real, in order that users can interact with each other freely and truthfully, if you suspect that any profile may be false, either photographs, description or behavior, let us know reporting the profile so we can take action. Moomic.com quality depends on the quality of its users and is beneficial to the whole community.

    The violation of any of these terms may imply your profile elimination.

First steps

  • How do I manage the website?

    It is very easy to navigate Moomic.com. On the left you have a menu with direct entry to your profile, how to upload photos, your messages, pending friends, affinities, hotquick, your stats, etc.

    Once you enter a section, you'll see that there are different related categories within that section. For example, entering "Your messages" above you will see two tabs appear (sent and received messages). If you go to "Your Profile" you will see that there are some other tabs on the top related to "Your Profile" (Your photos, Edit Profile, Administration, etc). And the same with every section on the the left menu.

    On the other hand, on top of the page you will see the last 4 people that have passed by your profile and very close to it some icons as "Post", "Alerts" and "Stats", which will turn red showing a number when you have a notification.
  • Where do I start?

    From the beginning ... Surf a bit to get used to the site, besides it´s very important that you fill your profile and to upload your main photo. It is proven that users with more completed profiles in addition of a nice picture get much more than those with half-filled profile.
    Remember that there are some functionalities and tools within the site where you won´t be able to take part in case you´ve no picture (like in the "I like" section , where they are displayed some like-minded people to your profile. If you have no photo, you´ll be able to indicate which profile you like. Nevertheless the rest of users won´t be able to indicate that they like your profile , as you have no main picture ).
  • Searches?

    With the quick search "Search" button You can customize your searches to find people in your town, similar age, etc.. Furthermore you also have the "Advanced Search" from where you can accurate your searches and select really useful criteria. The button "Advanced Search" pops up after a quick search, on top of the search box says "Advanced Options".
  • What are the Votes and Megavotos?

    Our way star for you to be always visible to others. Top Rated Users appear on the home page. Each user has 5 daily votes to give to that profile that He/She wants. In addition those men with VIP access have a greater number of daily votes, and monthly megavote " with which one can give 100 or 200 votes with a single click. Of course the most voted list is reseted every month.
  • Your friends

    Once you make the friend request and the user accepts, both of you will appear in each other´s friends circle. Being friends allows you to see the private albums, which are only viewable for the user´s friends, and you will be able to see these included pictures, furthermore the user´s updates will pop up in your profile from now on.

    You can see your friends, accept pending friend requests or even remove friends by logging into "Your friends".
  • Your favourite profiles

    Once you visit a profile you´ll realize that there are many different ways to interact. Either adding that profile to your favourites or indicate that you like that profile.

    After choosing one of these options; that profile will be added to "Your favourite profiles" and therefore He/She will know that you like it.

    You can manage your favourite profiles by login into "Your friends">"your favourite profiles"
  • My affinities…Affinity?

    Our affinity system picks up a complete calculation of variables between two users in order to offering a real compatibility average. A new tool so that you can check out your compatibility with another user with a single click...Gain access to the user profile and check out your affinity!
  • I´ve forgotten my access details. Nick/Password?

    In case you don´t remember your access details go back to the main page. You´ll find a link under the login details box, it says ¿ Did you forget your access details?. Click on that link and follow the instructions
  • How can I manage the incoming e-mails?

    You can disable any warning you don´t wish to get in case you are getting too many notifications by e-mail. You´ve this option in "your Profile"> "Administration"
  • How can I change my password?

    Go to "your profile">Modify your profile". You will realize there is an empty Bracket that says "password". Choose your favourite password and click on the button "record details" below the page.
  • Manager Profile

    It is our profile, is the only profile that will contact you within "moomic.com" in order to update you about different issues. It´s the only one profile that speaks on behalf of "moomic.com"
  • What about the rest?

    Surf the website, visit profiles, chat with them, send them a postcard, a message and test your affinity with them. Check your stats menu to see who has visited or voted you . Make new friends with the friend request tool ... see how soon you manage to make new friends and more ... much more.

Incidences relating to the Vip access activation

upgrading your user with the Vip access means that you will be able to enjoy every Moomic.com service without limits within your Vip access period:

  • To activate your Vip access.

    You´ve several Vip access activation modalities, choose your favourite and enjoy every available tool:

    • You will be able to see all the pictures of every profile.
    • Chatting with profiles.
    • Sending, reading and responding messages.
    • To send and see your received postcards.
    • Checking your affinity grade.
    • Voting your favourite profiles.
    • Seeing all their stats.
    • Making friend requests.
    • Managing your friends and favourites lists.
    • Adding profiles to your favourites.
    • Adding profiles to your black list.
    • Making quick and advanced searches.
    • Sending kisses, gifts, bouquets and arrows.
    • Using the Hot quick game.
  • SMS Activation incidences

    The Activation of the VIP Access through SMS is not available for all countries. Check that your country has this option and follow the instructions. If you had any problem with the sms activation . First of all check the following steps:
    • Please confirm you have sent the SMS with the proper word to the number given on the website.
    • Check any possible restriction with your carrier ; If you request this service for the first time, you may need to contact your carrier to activate the over taxed messages service.
    • Check also that you had enough credit.
    • If you have reviewed the above and think everything is correct, fill the following form and our support department will take care of it... Click Here

  • Incidences during the VIP access activation through Credit /Debit

    You can activate your VIP (Monthly, quaterly and six monthly) by either credit / debit card. Please be aware that these procedures have been implemented with the highest level of security. The Vip access through one of these methods are immediately activated.

    In case you have had any sort of issue during the payment procedure, fill the form out and our support department will take care of it... Click Here
  • Incidences during the bank transfer activation

    You can activate your VIP (Monthly, quaterly and six monthly) through bank transfer. The Vip access through bank transfer is not activated immediately (may take two or three days depending on your bank branch). Once we get the bank transfer confirmation will proceed to activate your VIP Access. We will let you know via email..

    If you had any issue during the payment procedure, fill the form out and our support department will take care of it... Click Here
  • Further information and some other questions about your VIP access activation

    If you need any information about either how to activate your VIP or have any other related queries fill the following form... Click Here

Problems with others users

Our main worry and value lies in respect towards everybody and that´s why we take care in order to avoid bad behaviour and practices, therefore we´ve an exclusive department to sort out this kind of incidences.

  • Reporting profiles.

    We try to verify every user data of our community, and so to avoid malpractice, which is why we have a department to sort out these sorts of incidents. Unfortunately we can not verify 100% of the user data and that´s why we request everybody´s cooperation. If you find a profile with either inappropiate content or bad behaviour, make the report. There is a section for reporting in every profile.

    Reporting a profile is understood as anonymous. The denounced profile won´t know who was its denouncer. Once we have received notification and consequently reviewed the denounced profile, we will take the appropriate action
  • I want to block an user so that He/she doesn´t bother me

    If you want to block an unwished user to avoid any kind of communication between both of you; you will find this option once you visit this profile, close to the drop down button "add to my black list". You´ve the same option on the left hand side of every profile on the button "Add to my black list".

    When a user is on your blacklist, you can not be bothered at all by this person, it won´t even be able to write or visit your profile, despite of you are online. You won´t exist in Moomic.com for the black listed person.

    At the same time we remind you that you can manage the black listed profiles by entering in the "Your Friends"> "blacklist"
  • Reporting a received Message.

    If you receive a message with either inappropriate content or spam, you can report it. You have this option in "Your Messages"> "Report Messages" .

    Reporting a profile is understood as anonymous. message The reported profile won´t know who it was. Once we have received notification and consequently reviewed the denounced profile, will take the appropriate action.
  • Reporting a profile in the Chat.

    If you receive a message with either inappropriate content spam in chat you can report it. You have this option in the chat window "Report Profile".

    Reporting profile in the Chat is anonymous. The reported profile won´t know who it was. Once we have received notification and consequently reviewed the denounced profile, will take the appropriate action.

Good tips about Internet safety

The network offers endless possibilities to meet people and make new friends. Here we indicate some good tips to make your experiences positives and fruitful.

  • About your personal data

    Remember that you don´t need to take unnecessary risks and therefore we advice you to avoid give to much information about yourself as telephone numbers, emails or postal addresses to get and knowing someone.

    Do not give anyone your access passwords, not even to us. Moomic.com will never ask you for your login information. Information such as your date of birth, nickname, etc is unadvisable in your password.

    Never give either credit card details or banking information to anyone. It does not matter what it´s for and who ask for it. Never give this information.
  • Relationships with other users

    You always have to feel good. If you face any type of abuse or harassment in Moomic.com remember you can block the other profile and inform us by reporting from the report button on your profile.

    The aim of Moomic.com is to help you to know Moomic.com people and make new friends. Nevertheless if you meet someone in real life, tell always a friend or relative.

    We advice you to meet that special someone in a public place.

    Ask your friend or relative to which you informed for getting a call to see how things are going. They will relax very calm and so will you.
  • Awards, Gifts & Online Shopping

    If you are going to enter personal information and your credit card number, check in first place that you are in a secure transaction page .You can make sure of it as long the web address begins with https://

    If you are going to enter personal information and your credit card number, do not do it through a received email. If so, check that the address it is gonna be sent is truthful.

    Sometimes Moomic.com offers prizes and gifts, but we´ll never contact you to tell you that you got a prize and that you need to pay any shipping cost.

    Never give personal information via e-mail responding to a received e-mail on our behalf. Although Moomic.com will never ask you for this kind of information, always use the contact form provided on our website or call us. Never responding an e-mail.

    If you had any questions please contact us filling the following form ... Click Here

Events Info

A differential value of Moomic are the events organized honouring its members several times a year.Thematized parties in unique places which are exclusive to gather a certain number of men and women in a fun atmosphere (half men and half women).

  • Our Events (Information, pictures and videos)

    Have been many parties held so far. Specially important have been: A Boat in the Mediterranean, A Palatial House, A Mansion, A Boat party on the river, a themed party for Angels & Demons which took place in a Hotel, A Boat in Ibiza (White Island), A cave, A thematized party on Mount Olympus and a thematized party held in a hotel for firefighters and nurses among others.

    You can see the latest photos and videos of our parties following the following link ... Click Here.
  • Information about the party services

    More than half of the Entrance tickets are given to those who note down on the parties and therefore they will attend for free.

    Opting to get tickets is absolutely free once you note down on the parties. However during the registry procedure you have the option to subscribe to a subscription wap service or sms regarding to the parties. This service is optional and therefore not required to qualify for the offered prizes. offered. Nevertheless subscribed members get benefits from exclusive information about events, winners of free tickets codes, discount ticket, promotions, etc.

    If you are subscribed to this service and want to unsubscribe, select your country of this section to see the appropriate information. Example: Information Spain.

    • Information for Spain

      You can unsubscribe from the parties information alerts via SMS, sending a sms from the recipient number by texting BAJA FIESTA to the number you get the information from. (These numbers may be 995511, 797473 o 797808).

      EXAMPLE: BAJA FIESTA to 995511

      Movistar: Only for new subscribers since December 15, 2011 until February 12, 2012. To unsubscribe send BAJA KEKUKO service to 22023. For memberships from February 13 to unsubscribe send BAJA FIESTA service to 22023. To deal with any low can also contact your operator by calling 1003

    • Information for Argentina

      You can unsubscribe from the parties information alerts via SMS, sending a sms from the recipient number by texting BAJA to the number 6699

      Example: BAJA to 6699

    • Information for Chile

      You can unsubscribe from the parties information alerts via SMS, sending a sms from the recipient number by texting SALIR to the number 5566

      Example: SALIR to 5566

    • Information for Portugal

      Pode descadastrar-se do serviço de alertas informativas via SMS das Festas, enviando um sms desde o celular no que recebe os SMS com o texto SAIR al 62919

      Exemplo: SAIR al 62919

    • Information for Italy

      È possibile disattivare il servizio di allerta via SMS informazioni per le feste, con l'invio di un sms dal cellulare in cui si riceve l'SMS con il testo FESTA STOP al 4883888

      Esempio: FESTA STOP al 4883888

  • You want to attend to our parties , talking about sponsorships and other inquiries

    If you need to contact us, please fill the form out ... Click Here

Other queries

  • You need to contact us

    if you need to contact us, please fill the form out ... Click Here
  • If you want to cancel your account

    If you want to cancel your account ... remember that once you proceed to the cancellation of we will proceed to delete your information, and therefore it won´t be recovered again.

    If you receive too many notifications by email. You can disable this feature . You have this option under "Your Profile"> "Administration."

    To proceed to your account cancelation follow this link ... Click Here